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  • TIBCO Software, Enterprise Application Integration
    Integration As-A-Service

    Discover the success stories of Rome Airport, the well-known fashion company Desigual, and how Noesis supports companies to unify their IT environments.

  • ntx, web test automation
    Web Test Automation: ntx Demo

    Discover in this demo how to simplify the test automation process in an intuitive, fast and versatile way, which means that you can optimise the time-to-market for a solution while reducing costs in your overall development cycle, with ntx - a no-code test automation engine.

  • Banner data Analytics Session man analyzing data on tablet
    Data Analytics Sessions

    Assista às sessões de Data Analytics e tire maior proveito dos seus dados!

  • Remote Workspace Sessions
    Remote Workspace Sessions

    Many organizations had to reinvent themselves by having their employees working at home. We are launching a series of demos describing how companies and their teams can boost productivity and remote work using Microsoft 365 applications. Take the most out of remote work! Watch all the seven sessions below!

  • Cybersecurity Live Session
    Cybersecurity Live Session

    Discover how you can make your organization more secure against cyber threats.

  • Outsystems Live Netherlands
    OutSystems Live Netherlands

    See an app being built in just 30 minutes using OutSystems' platform.

  • Webinar Empowering Your Data
    Webinar Empowering your Data

    Informed decisions are always better decisions, so in this session we will explain how you can work with your organization's data and support you to achieve operational and resource management gains.

  • Customer Experience Live Session

    Do you really know your customers? In the Customer Experience Live Session, we present the latest trends in customer experience for the Financial and Insurance sectors and our view on the importance of customization and segmentation of communication by sharing of real case studies. Find out how you can get to know your customers, their preferences and anticipate needs!


  • Q&A Live Session - Electronic Signatures

    More than the elimination of paper and physical processes, Electronic Signature solutions allow you to speed up processes, automate and track all steps safely and legally. At Q&A Live Session, Ricardo Carvalho and Pedro Caria approach about the main market questions and how to implement an electronic signature process in a simple and effective way.

  • Webinar Cyber Ready
    The human factor in Cybersecurity

    Watch here the webinar "The human factor in Cybersecurity", which focuses on how CybeReady is preparing organisations around the world for phishing attacks by changing behaviors in in an intuitive, effective way. During this session, you will have the opportunity to learn about CybeReady's innovative solution for empowering staff to detect threats, how to transform your organisation's security culture, and how to reduce (or even eliminate) cybersecurity attacks. Attacks happen when you least expect them. Register, watch the webinar and make sure your organisation is prepared for any threat!

  • Webinar Darktrace
    Darktrace: AI in Cibersecurity

    Organizations increasingly need to protect themselves from potential attacks of various types. The threat can be silent, as the non-malicious action of a collaborator who downloads malware from a phishing, or larger-scale email, and an AI engine allows a very fast response. Get to know about this webinar the main reasons for adoption.

  • Transform your Field Services with IoTs

    The Noesis vision for Field Services solutions goes through ensuring the conditions so that the maintenance and services can move from scheduled and reactive maintenance to a maintenance that is preventive and proactive, based on predictive logics of need and consumption to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction and retention rates. Rodolfo Pereira, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Noesis, demonstrated the articulation of this concept with IoTs in a webinar sponsored by Microsoft.

  • Webinar Walk the Talk
    GDPR Walk the Talk

    In a partnership with Micro Focus, Jornal Económico and Caetano Freitas e Associados, Noesis hosted a webinar to answer questions about GDPR. Watch now, and make sure that your business is prepared for compliance, both legally and technologically.

  • Electronic Signature, digital transformation driver

    Digital process-based businesses increasingly gain a competitive advantage over traditional paper-based businesses. Traditional processes, in addition to vulnerability, security and document monitoring issues, also have poor user experience, sustainability and ecological policies of organizations. Watch the Noesis Webinar and learn how electronic signature solutions can make your processes more efficient and agile.

  • Webinar SAP on Azure
    SAP on Azure

    Organizations need to move all their products to the cloud in a quick, agile and secure manner, ensuring management of IaaS, PaaS and hybrid cloud models. To respond to this change, Noesis gives you access to a webinar about SAP in Azure, conducted by Miguel Rôlo on January 17, now available on demand.

  • Partnership with XebiaLabs in a webinar on orchestration

    It becomes a priority for organizations to automate, orchestrate and obtain full visibility on their releases. Watch the Noesis webinar and discover the XL Release tool!

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