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Using the OutSystems low-code platform enables our customers to bring the digital transformation of their organizations, more securely, swiftly, and agilely.

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Gartner Leader

The OutSystems platform is a leader in both quadrants of Forrester's Low-Code Development Platforms For AD&D Pros and Mobile Development Low-Code.

Specialized Team

Noesis has a specialized team capable of creating applications with new designs, features and concepts - quickly and agilely.
Noesis was distinguished with the Partner of the Year 2017 Award, at NextStep, recognizing its performance in the development of innovative solutions together with OutSystems. The crowning moment of this event was the Innovation Awards ceremony, which saw the projects of Prio Energy, NovaCâmbios, Luz Saúde, Sonae and Abreu Advogados receive an award, each for their projects undertaken with Noesis.


Noesis is one of OutSystems best partners. A highly skilled team with experience delivering complex projects to exacting clients, Noesis has a strong reputation for both excellent service and platform expertise. We never hesitate to bring them into projects or refer customers to them.
Shiri Friedman,
Director, Partner Marketing, OutSystems
Shiri Friedman
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