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Electronic signatures in a secure way

Learn more about the electronic signatures solution that allows documents to be signed electronically on any device and in a secure way.

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Key Points


Ensuring the encryption of electronic signatures

Easy to use and very flexible, OneSpan has state-of-the-art digital technology for signatures, ensuring the encryption of each person’s electronic signature, as well as data protection.

Improving the user’s experience

This platform with easy scalability offers an optimised flow of signatures and the automation of workflows, contributing to improve the user’s experience, increasing productivity and reducing errors and costs.

OneSpan is an electronic signature solution that allows documents to be signed electronically in a secure way, on any device. Organisations use OneSpan to enhance the client’s experience, increase productivity and reduce costs, automating workflows and setting business rules for processes. Clients obtain secure and efficient processes for signing documents, with the trust of the organisation that provides them, and with proof of their actions.
Ricardo Magalhães,
Manager, Noesis
Ricardo Magalhães
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