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The ntx – ngine testing experience – simplifies the test automation process in an intuitive, fast and versatile way, which means that you can optimise the time-to-market for a solution while reducing costs in your overall development cycle. The tool doesn´t require technical people to implement automation batteries as well as it easily adapts to the specific needs of each market sector.

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Test Automation

Ngine Testing Experience

Next Level in Software Testing


Automation Types Supported

The ntx supports mobile automation (iOS and Android), Web automation (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome), SAP automation and can automate all the other technologies (such as Windows applications, mainframe, db2, Siebel, and so on) with image recognition automation.

Test Automation

ntx Integrations

ntx is a JIRA plugin, completely integrated with the following test management tools - Xray, Zephyr, Azure DevOps and Microfocus ALM. The automated tests are created in ntx, and are automatically saved in these test management tools, as well as all the evidences from the test runs. Regarding mobile test executions, ntx can execute these tests in real mobile devices locally or in the ones available in SauceLabs.

Test automation in Outsystems applications

When creating an application in the Outsystems platform, the objects that are created (textboxes, buttons, comboboxes, etc.) in the application could have dynamic IDs if the developer wouldn’t give an unique property to these objects. ntx has a specific algorithm that verifies if the application is made in Outsystems, and, in that case, ntx will get the object even if the ID is generated automatically.

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Noesis Impact

As a solution, ntx has considerable advantages in comparison to the market's current automation solutions, primarily in terms of practicality and time saving in the specification of automatic tests and respective maintenance. This allows for significant gains compared to the traditional test automation process.
Tiago Honorato,
Senior Manager, Noesis
Tiago Honorato
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