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InsightsPMV for Primavera

Take advantage of Primavera BSS implementation and connect to hundreds of data sources with Power BI for more informed decision-making.

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Microsoft PowerBI

Based on the Microsoft PowerBI platform, InsightsPMV collects data from Primavera BSS and, with countless possibilities for analysing and cross-checking data, transforms it into powerful insights. Acts in a swift and informed manner to leverage analysis of your business data in just a few minutes, dynamic reports are created to help you find the answers you need to improve your organization’s performance.


The ideal solution for data analysis and to understand every aspect of your business, which enables you to make informed decisions.

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Noesis Impact

InsightsPMV for Primavera is the ideal solution for making the best decisions. Rapid to implement, InsightsPMV enables centralisation and instant access to information, when and where we want it, with total security. InsightsPMV exponentially increases the data analysis options, generates optimum insights so you can discover how to improve the performance of your organization.
Bruno Santos,
Senior Manager, Noesis
Bruno Santos
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