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Enterprise Resource Planning

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Our investment in the new generation of ERP means we can help organisations enhance their efficiency and decision-making process. Let us take you full speed ahead into digital transformation!

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Process Mining

Process Mining

Based on sophisticated Big Data algorithms, Celonis Process Mining allows you to view and reconstruct business processes in real time based on the digital  footprint left in IT systems.

Results: Optimise processes by analysing processing times and identifying inefficiencies and root causes.

Find out more about the technology: Celonis

Business Suite

Business Suite

The new SAP business suite, S/4HANA, built on the HANA in memory platform, combines real time data and intelligent technology with a personalised and responsive user experience.

Results: Benefit from a simplified data model with predictive and simulation features, on premise and in the cloud.

Find out more about the technology: SAP

Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle Management

SAP Solution Manager, a single integrated platform for managing the life cycle of SAP and non-SAP business softwares.

Result: Implement and maintain business applications, to ensure innovation, continuity and efficiency in your operations.

Find out more about the technology: SAP

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Most organizations have difficulty identifying a consistent strategy that will mean a greater likelihood of successful innovation. But adopting highly customized solutions often involves an investment that ends up introducing more complexity and increased maintenance efforts - all of which actually represent an obstacle to innovation. Migration to a smart ERP is more than a technical upgrade, it means you can benefit from analytical and predictive capabilities as well as improved user experience, which translate into operational improvements that fuel innovation.
Rafaela Rodrigues Nunes,
Senior Manager, Noesis
Rafaela Rodrigues Nunes
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