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DevOps & Automation

Enhancing your productivity with continuous innovation

With a strong focus on efficiency and productivity, we create sustainable value with DevOps and Automation as a guarantee of maximising our clients' resources.

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A guarantee of innovation

A culture of DevOps and Automation



Noesis has extensive experience of test automation, and a qualified team with knowledge of the best tools on the market. We offer our clients a management platform for automatic testing that is easy to integrate and use.

Result: We help organizations reduce implementation and maintenance costs and securely improve the coverage of testing.



By incorporating RPA  Robotic Process Automation solutions on organisations, you can automatically transform your processes more efficient and productive, at a reduced cost and time. Noesis focus on creating robotic software specialised in interpreting and performing the most routine activities, usually performed by human hand.

Result: Achieving greater operating efficiency to support organisations' growth.



Focusing on redefining the culture and leveraging advanced automation to facilitate DevOps and integrate processes to manage software evolution. Based on a DevOps approach, process control, configuration management and test environment management are some of Noesis solutions.

Result: Raising process quality of features development and software changes to promote a balance between speed and quality.

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Shift Left: Building Faster with Containers
Shift Left: Building Faster with Containers
29-01-2019 | At Building the Future, powered by Microsoft, speakers Pedro Gomes (IT Manager at NOS) and Ricardo Guerreiro (DevOps Consultant at Noesis) shared a real, implement case of container use.

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Noesis Automation Solutions

Noesis sustains value creation on innovation and continuous testing in order to detect, predict and resolve errors with automation. Download the brochure to learn how to automate your processes and increase productivity.

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Business agility and speed of software implementation dictate success in today’s highly competitive, digital world. Our innovative SCCM and Test Automation solutions are based on DevOps culture, which guarantees quality of delivery at the pace of the market. RPA is our latest venture and promises to revolutionise automation.
Licínio Antunes,
Senior Manager
Licínio Antunes
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