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Business Intelligence

The culture of Big Data & Analytics

We help organisations make more intelligent decisions. We believe a management and data analysis culture empowers organisations by providing the necessary knowledge about their business and their customers in order to respond to very complex challenges.

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For more intelligent decisions

Your data: from visualisation to strategic focus

Big Data

Big Data

Our solutions enables organisations to storage and process large sets of structured and unstructured data with powerful technologies and a cost effective methodology, to offer a correct management and predictive data analysis.

Result: Helping organisations to improve their customer and business understanding, designing better services or products focused on specific business needs.

Discover the technology: Cloudera

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Sales forecasting, risk management, fraud detection and identification of anomalies is just some of the information that can be extracted from our Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Result: Our solutions help organizations transform their data into the right decisions and to move rapidly towards optimization.

Discover the technologies: Qlik, ClouderaPower BI

Data Discovery

Data Discovery

Powerful data visualization. Our solutions enable organizations to discover patterns and trends and explore new opportunities through combining multiple data sources.

Result: Democratization of access to information in order to make vital decisions more quickly and more agilely.

Discover the Technologies: QlikCloudera, Power BI

Our clients

abreu advogados
alcatel lucent
ald automotive
luz saúde

Success cases

Noesis automates business processes
To centralise AbbVie’s data management and analysis, Noesis implemented Insights, based on QlikView. Information is currently presented in a simple, quick and intuitive manner.
Noesis implements a Business Intelligence solution
To enable the management of the company’s business data in real time, Noesis developed a solution based on QlikView and a KPI Monitor for the IT Department of Volkswagen Autoeuropa.
Autorizo a Noesis a enviar-me informação comercial sobre produtos e serviços da Noesis e dos seus Parceiros.

Our partners

White Paper: Big Data & Analytics

The importance of data for organisations is widely known, but a number of questions arise from the use of time and resources. Download this White Paper and clarify all your doubts.

White Paper Background

In a digital society that is changing increasingly rapidly and where mobility is essential and the architecture is increasingly challenging, it is imperative that we can meet the challenges along the path to digital transformation with operational logic and disruptive solutions.
Nuno Pacheco,
Director, Noesis
Nuno Pacheco
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