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To survive in a sector that is as competitive as Industry, organizations must continuously invest in new technologies.

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Are you prepared for the challenges of Industry 4.0?

Industry has entered a new era and organizations have just one option: embrace the Fourth Revolution and all the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0. Globalization, increasing competitiveness and talent shortages are some of the biggest challenges facing a constantly changing sector.

Technologies allow greater competitive advantage

The creation of digital value chains based on technologies such as additive manufacturing, automation and robotics associated with Big Data, Cloud, IoT and Cybersecurity allow greater competitive advantage and greater efficiency throughout the product lifecycle. By 2020, 70% of investment in software, services and technology will be Cloud-based.
We have the necessary skills to support the industry of tomorrow with total security.

Noesis implements a Business Intelligence solution
To enable the management of the company’s business data in real time, Noesis developed a solution based on QlikView and a KPI Monitor for the IT Department of Volkswagen Autoeuropa.
Autorizo a Noesis a enviar-me informação comercial sobre produtos e serviços da Noesis e dos seus Parceiros.

Our continuous investment in R&D allows us to develop some of the most innovative and original solutions in the Portuguese economy, such as 4Assets. Based on IoT technology and Marketing Automation platforms, our solutions provide intelligent information management which allow our clients to focus on the most important issue: taking the right decision at the right time.
Rodolfo Luís Pereira,
Director, Noesis
Rodolfo Luís Pereira
Soluções Noesis para o seu negócio

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