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Scientific advances coupled with the latest digital technologies promise to enhance the quality of health services. How best to integrate IT in organizations within this sector?

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The Health sector is changing

This reflects the population increase, the ageing population, more regulation of the sector and huge competitiveness. Technologies such as robotics, AI, Big Data and the Cloud are responsible for this change, as they enable new prevention, diagnosis and treatment methods.

The majority patients worldwide hope to use digital health services

Digitalization of the sector enables the integrated management of information, new ways of relating to patients and optimization of resources and procedures. Studies indicate that more than 75% of patients worldwide hope to use digital health services within the next 5 years.
We help organizations accelerate the pace of digital transformation and ensure excellent services focused on the needs of patients.

Noesis automates business processes
To centralise AbbVie’s data management and analysis, Noesis implemented Insights, based on QlikView. Information is currently presented in a simple, quick and intuitive manner.
Noesis creates a customised application for assessment
Hovione chose Noesis and the OutSystems Agile Platform to create a new customised application to support the existing performance assessment system.
Noesis optimises the performance assessment system
To hasten the process of assessment of Human Resources, Noesis’ team of Agile Solutions developed a solid application for performance management.
Autorizo a Noesis a enviar-me informação comercial sobre produtos e serviços da Noesis e dos seus Parceiros.

In a context where all organizations are focused on their own reinvention as players in a new digital ecosystem, we have to reinvent the way our Infrastructure responds to new challenges. Resilience, Agility, Scalability and Security are critical requirements for a Hybrid Infrastructure paradigm.
José Pereira,
Director, Noesis
José Pereira
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