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Our partners

Our DNA is marked by partnerships with benchmark companies in the field of technology and we always strive to achieve excellence in the solutions we develop.

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Our partners

CA Member Accredited Partner

CA Technologies is one of the world's largest companies in the area of software with over 30 years’ experience of providing IT management solutions. With this partnership, we help our clients develop their services more quickly, with improved performance and quality, while stabilising and reducing costs.

Celonis Consulting Partner

Noesis and Celonis have established a strategic partnership to provide their customers with Process Mining technological solutions using sophisticated Big Data algorithms. Analysing the digital trail of processes supported by IT systems like SAP or others, makes it possible to reconstruct and display how these types of processes actually take place. 

Cloudera Bronze partner

Cloudera is a leader in Gartner's 2017 Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics. Its ecosystem consists of the latest tools for data ingestion and for processing complex and large volume data, as well as the field of complex analysis and modelling. The partnership with Cloudera allows us to offer our clients complete solutions capable of meeting the most complex challenges and preparing them for the digital revolution.

Commvault Partner

CommVault is consecutively placed by Gartner as a leader in the area of backup and recovery. This recognition means CommVault forms part of the Noesis strategy, and that our offer is what we consider to be the "best-of-breed", and it complements our transversal offering in the area of infrastructure.

Cybeready Partner

CybeReady is trusted by worldwide brands to prepare in-house teams regarding cybersecurity, with ongoing improvement by means of data-oriented training. CybeReady collaborates mainly with financial institutions, insurance companies and the healthcare sector, in 66 countries.

Darktrace Partner

We are partners of Darktrace, a world leader in artificial intelligence for cyber security. Based in San Francisco and Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, it has over 30 offices across the world. Darktrace developed a system that uses artificial intelligence algorithm to identify and respond to cyber security threats in various digital environments, including virtual networks and cloud, IoT, and industrial control systems. Technology is based on a self-learning system and does not require configuration when identifying threats in real time.

OneSpan Partner

OneSpan is an electronic signature solution that allows documents to be signed electronically in a secure way, on any device. The partnership with OneSpan enables the improvement of the clients’ experience, improving productivity and reducing errors and costs by automating workflows, in accordance with all required business processes.

The partnership with Fujitsu allows us to have an infrastructure solutions offer which is recognized in the market for its reliability and performance, and transversally complements our offer of our own infrastructure services in the different countries where we operate.

Gravity Software Partner

Noesis is an authorized reseller of Gravity Software™ (Gravity). Gravity software is a cloud-based accounting solution, specializing in the mid-market segment. Gravity software is developed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Microsoft CRM) platform, which hosts more than 40,000 companies.

HPE Partner

The partnership with HPE strengthens us as it involves market leader products and enables us to respond transversally to our clients’ requirements.

IBM Business Partner

Our offer includes services and solutions in the areas of Test Data Management and Data Archiving. IBM assures the highest quality and excellence in the services and solutions that we offer to our customers.

IDC Partner

The mission of IDC is supporting IT professionals, business decision makers and investors in making decisions pertaining to Technology and Digital Transformation.

Platinum Partner

With proven expertise in software and security, Micro Focus offers new technological solutions that maximize the quality of investments in essential IT infrastructure. Our partnership with Micro Focus allows us to guarantee the security of our clients’ IT systems, and help them to innovate more rapidly and with less risk.

Gold Partner

Noesis and Microsoft have entered a partnership based on the exchange of experiences, technology consulting and further training, which ensures an offer that has access to the best technological platforms and excellent quality of services that characterise the two organizations.

Gold Partner

The partnership with Oracle has always been based around their database component, in which we have strong expertise. Oracle diverse range of acquisitions, namely of Sun, means its offer is very comprehensive, and therefore plays a key role in complementing our own.

Elite Partner

The OutSystems platform is a leader in both quadrants of Forrester's Low-Code Development Platforms For AD&D Pros and Mobile Development Low-Code. Our certification by OutSystems recognizes the merit of the exceptional results obtained by the solutions we have developed for our clients using the OutSystems Platform.

Elite Partner

We were recognized by Qlik as an Elite Partner (Solution Provider), thus confirming our ability and expertise in providing QlikView and QlikSense Business Discovery platform solutions.

Resco Partner

Resco is the global leader for the development of mobile platform solutions. With this partnership, Noesis strengthens its asset management offer and consolidates its position in the markets where it operates.

SAP Service Partner

Noesis integrates the SAP partner ecosystem. Through this partnership, Noesis provides a broad portfolio of professional services for SAP solutions to support its customers during the digital transformation process.

Sharegate Partner

Sharegate helps organizations migrate their content to the cloud with optimum flexibility and security. Through this partnership, Noesis guarantees analysis and planning of the migration, taking the client situation into account.

Silver Partner

We are partners of Sitecore, the global leader in the development of experience management applications for enhancing contextual marketing. Sitecore® Experience Platform™ enables you to manage content, provide contextual intelligence, automate communications and accelerate personalised commerce on a large scale.


White Paper: Quality Assurance, a value added service

Software development, application development and launch focusing on clients is a growing challenge, especially for large organisations which have to handle a complex network of modern technologies alongside legacy systems and resources. Download the White Paper and find more about Quality Assurance

White Paper Background

Noesis is our biggest and strongest partner in Portugal. We have been working with them for several years and we have several customers.
Angélica Reyes,
Marketing Director Southern Europe, Qlik
Angélica Reyes

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